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BCH Auxiliary Donates to EAP

July 27, 2017

Wow to the BCH Auxiliary. The volunteers are employees of the hospital and go through the same background and health checks, and are held to the same standards as paid employees, with one exception...the volunteers donate their time. Every year, the volunteers donate approximately 12,000 hours to the hospital. All of the Auxiliary fundraisers and Gifts Galore sales help to make monetary donations to the hospital possible. Thank you to everyone that has supported the Auxiliary in some way. Ongoing Auxiliary expenses include:

  • Valet wages, $7,200
  • Two scholarships, $2,000
  • Insurance, $105
  • BCH department requests, $10,000
  • BCH Employee Assistance Program funds, $2,000
  • Dutch Oven Bakery kitchen expenses, $3,000
  • Bakery pick-up and delivery, $375
  • BCH Foundation payments, $2,500
  • 3D mammogram equipment, $15,000
  • New baby swaddles, $2,000
  • New mother gift bags, $800

Total expenses for this year are $44,980.

Pictured: BCH Auxiliary President Carol Keithley presents a $2,000 check to Employee Assistance Program Coordinator Rick Petersen

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Boone County Hospital is licensed by the State of Iowa
© 2018 Boone County Hospital. All Rights Reserved.
Boone County Hospital is licensed by the State of Iowa.