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BCH Auxiliary Nominates Shining Star

August 5, 2014

The Iowa Hospital Association Auxiliary/Volunteer Board is taking nominations for the “Shining Star of Your Hospital” Award.  The award is a unique opportunity to recognize and publicly acknowledge the invaluable work done by outstanding Iowa hospital volunteers/auxilians.  

The 2014 Boone County Hospital (BCH) Shining Star can be seen every Thursday morning pushing a cart with trays, pitchers, a bucket, a step stool, shampoo and hair dryers.  Heather Morrissey has been providing hair care to hospital patients since 1975.  She is the chairperson for the Hair Care Team, which currently consists of four BCH Auxiliary members.  Heather thinks of hair care as a social, feel-good service.  When she first started providing hair care, the team used rollers and a hair dryer; now they have advanced to curling brush dryers.  Not only does Heather provide hair care, she also volunteers in Gifts Galore every Monday afternoon.  She is also a guide for the first grade tours at the hospital each spring.  Heather is a past president of the BCH Auxiliary where she served two years and two years as 2nd vice president.  She has over 3,500 volunteer hours in the BCH Auxiliary.  Annually, Heather and her team volunteer to wrap gifts at the Holiday Open House.  Heather is a great worker who always says yes.  She has a delightful sense of humor and a wonderful British accent.  She married her husband when he was in the service; she was widowed in 2003.  She has one daughter and five grandchildren and helps in caring for them.
Heather will be recognized this October at the Annual Iowa Hospital Association Fall Meeting along with other Iowa "Shining Star" volunteers.

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