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BCH Expands Orthopedic Services

August 6, 2014

Boone County Hospital (BCH) is excited to announce they have a new partnership with Iowa Ortho, Des Moines, and are expanding their orthopedic services.

Due to recent orthopedic changes at BCH, the opportunity arose to create a new relationship with one of the best orthopedic groups in the state of Iowa. 

Four orthopedic surgeons will now provide services in the BCH Specialty Clinic on a monthly basis and have privileges to perform surgeries at the hospital.  “This is an exciting time,” says Joe Smith, BCH CEO.  “Even though Dr. Craig Mahoney has been seeing patients at the clinic for more than 10 years, he has never been able to perform surgeries here.  He will now be able to do that; three of his partners Dr. Steven Aviles, Dr. Timothy Kenney and Dr. Benjamin Paulson will also be performing surgeries here.  All four of them are sub-specialists from a very elite group that provide a variety of orthopedic specialties.”

These services will be a great addition to BCH.  “We care about our community,” says Heather Cook, BCH Specialty Clinic Director.  “By offering these services, we are now able to better serve our patients in need of orthopedic care.  For many of these patients, they will be able to have their care and surgeries here, eliminating the need to drive to Des Moines.”

The four physicians offer a variety of specialties—Dr. Aviles, sports medicine and hip arthroscopy; Dr. Kenney, general orthopedics; Dr. Mahoney, hip and knee surgery; and Dr. Paulson, hand and upper extremity.  Each of them offers a variety of other specialties as well.  For more information on each of them, log on to and click on Physicians.

“It’s a good feeling to know we will be offering services from some of the top and most respected orthopedic surgeons in the state,” says Smith.

No physician referral is required.  However, if you have concerns that your insurance will not cover an orthopedic visit, contact your insurance company. 

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