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Employees Recognized at Dinner

January 12, 2013

Boone County Hospital (BCH) held their Annual Employee Recognition Dinner at the Boone County Fairgrounds on January 12th. Employees with milestone anniversaries in increments of five years were recognized for their dedication and service, as well as the Brown Award and Wow! Award winners. Honorees were:

5 years: Karlene Millang, Ranae Trueblood, Barbara Butler, Megan Dominick, Wendi Duncan, Kary Keys, Gary VanPelt, Kim Rinker, Janis Stavnes, Donna Anderson, Margaret Gittins, Katie Merriam, Jody Schmauss, Patrice Galm, Theresa Sheer, Phyllis Martin, Dr. James Mueller, Amber King, Autumn Grossnickle, Mindy Royster, Stephanie Bowers, Linda VanPelt, Joshua Kraushaar, Kirk Howard, Carolyn Lamm

10 years: Dianne Sharp, Joe Rivera, Rose Fuentes, Linda Mount, Rick Peterson, Tim Anderson, Karla Bristle, Kelli Niles, Dr. Eric Peterson, Dr. Scott Thiel, Dr. Richard Vermillion, Heather Addy, Kim Schwartz, Deanne Bazis, Ruth Berglund, Connie Buss, Linda Majors, Regina Wolter, Sharon Dixon, Vince Dahl

15 years: Audrey Breyfogle, Julie Samson, Tim Samson, Sharon Carroll, Deb Pestotnik, Debbie Peebler, Amy Anderson

20 years: Becky Turbes, Jennifer Clubine, Katie Hagan, Keith Vermillion

25 years: Judy Soder, Colleen Farley, Linda Molle

30 years: Jim Todd

35 years: Gail Linderblood

Congratulations to Travis Olson, BCH Information Systems, for winning the 2012 Wow! Award.

Tracy Koenig, Patient Registration Director, who passed away in December, was honored with the Brown Award. Tracy was nominated by one or more of her peers for being an exceptional employee. Ten employees were nominated for the award; Tracy was picked out of those 10 and was chosen before her passing in December. Her award will be presented to her husband Jim on January 23rd, 4 p.m. in the BCH Atrium during a short Brown Award presentation.

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