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Update Your Child's Immunizations

August 1, 2012

August is upon us and kids will soon be going back to school. As a parent, it is important to check your child’s immunization status. If your child is starting kindergarten this fall, they may need a Dtap, IPV, MMR and Varicella or chickenpox vaccine prior to starting school. Adolescent children ages 10 to 11 years, may need a booster of tetanus or the Tdap, Menanctra, or meningitis, and should think about getting the Gardasil vaccine. Students entering college may also need a booster of tetanus or Tdap, meningitis, and the Gardasil vaccine, if they have never received them before. Some of these vaccines are mandatory for college entrance and some are good vaccines to have. All parents should talk to their medical provider and discuss the benefits and risks of these vaccines.

New this year is a public website for parents to access their child’s immunization records. The web site is Parents need to click on the public access area and enter the information requested (the social security number or Medicaid number of the child will be needed to access the information). If a parent is unable to retrieve their child’s records, they can call their doctor’s office or the immunization nurses at Home Care Services of Boone County Hospital at (515) 432-1127.

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