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Visitor Restriction Changes

INPATIENT UNITS (MSP & Family Birth Center) Visiting hours will be limited from 9am – 5pm. We ask that visitors for inpatients present to the main entrance (atrium) only during the weekdays. One visitor per patient per day will be allowed. This includes the support person for the laboring patient...
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COVID Testing Rules

If ANYONE in your household is tested for COVID because they are having some possible symptoms, please remember the following: EVERYONE in your household must self-quarantine until the test results are back and the family member is found negative. This means that all other children in the household must NOT...
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Daisy Award Winner 2020

Congratulations to Sarah Salati, RN, BSN, Med/Surg/Peds at Boone County Hospital (BCH), who received the 2020 Daisy Award. Sarah was presented the award at a small ceremony in the BCH south garden on September 3rd. Sarah is a big believer that it is undignified for anyone to die alone. She...
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A COVID Testing Reminder

If you have obtained a COVID test, please isolate yourself until you have received the results of the test. Please do not go out in public. Once you are able to go out, please wear a mask and physically distance yourself at least 6 feet from others.
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