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Eleanor Moore Hospital, Boone, Iowa.


  • Samuel Moore, a prominent Boone financer, purchases land to build a new home.  Instead, he decides to donate the land to build a hospital after learning from Dr. Deering, a railroad physician, that a railroad worker had died and could have been saved if there had been a hospital available in Boone County.  After building the hospital, Mr. Moore names it after his mother Eleanor; the new name is the Eleanor Moore Hospital.  Mr. Moore then invites Boone County residents to furnish rooms in the hospital.  The response is generous.


  • To instill a feeling of ownership by county residents, Mr. Moore forms a company and sells stock in the hospital. In the following years, he is able to pay stockholders in full.


  • The county votes to acquire the hospital from Mr. Moore, hence changing the name from the Eleanor Moore Hospital to the Eleanor Moore County Hospital.


  • A disastrous fire breaks out in the top story of the hospital, racing throughout, destroying most of the equipment. No casualties were reported. After the fire, the hospital is remodeled and renamed Boone County Hospital.


  • The County Board of Supervisors authorizes the sale of hospital bonds, allowing the remodeling of the old building and the construction of a new three-story addition, helping to accommodate changes in health care and population growth.


  • Boone County voters approve another bond issue for new hospital construction.


  • Another new addition is built.


  • Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programs are established.


  • Bonds are sold to meet the growing health care needs of the Boone community.  Boone County Hospital's newest addition responds to advancements in medical practices and technology.  Areas of new construction include:  the Emergency Department, Surgery, Specialty Clinic, the Family Birth Center, Special Care Unit and the main Atrium.   


  • The McFarland Clinic building in Boone became Boone County Family Medicine.  Employees of McFarland also became employees of Boone County Family Medicine and Boone County Hospital.

  • Boone County Hospital opened the Boone County Family Medicine Clinic in Ogden.


  • Boone County Hospital opened the F. William Beckwith Adult Day Services in Boone.

  • Boone County Hospital opened the Madrid Family Practice Clinic in Madrid.


  • Boone County Hospital becomes a critical access hospital by the federal government.  The hospital must decrease the number of beds to 25 to qualify for the special designation.  A remodeled third floor becomes a Skilled Care Unit.


  • The 1954 addition at the west end of the hospital is torn down leaving a partial building "stub."  The space created by the removal of the addition is used for much needed parking and green space.  Obstetrics/Gynecology and Orthopedic specialties are added to the services available at Boone County Hospital.


  • Major remodeling of the west end of the hospital was completed.  New areas include a Meditation Room, a surgery office and the Rehabilitation Services on the main floor, Health Information Management, the Business Office, Information Technology and clinic spaces on the second and third floors, and a new Conference Room and Board Room on the 4th floor; .


  • An additional birthing suite was added to the Family Birth Center making a fourth room to accommodate the hospital's growing OB services.


  • Boone County Family Medicine in Ogden relocated to a brand new building in January.  The new location allows for more patient rooms, and a growing staff.

  • A new Wound and Hyperbaric Center opened on the third floor of the hospital in August.  The center offers two hyperbaric chambers which helps patients in the healing process.

  • Four orthopedic surgeons joined the Boone County Hospital Specialty Clinic.  All four surgeons have privileges at the hospital which means Boone County residents can have many of their procedures done in Boone rather than traveling to Des Moines.


  • A new Pain Clinic was added to Boone County Hospital.  Due to the growing number of patients in need of pain services, the clinic moved from Surgery to the third floor of the hospital allowing for more space and rooms for pain procedures.

  • Several nurse practitioners were added to the professional services staff already available at Boone County Hospital.


  • A second OB/GYN joined the growing Obstetrics/Gynecology Clinic.

  • The Boone County Hospital After Hours Clinic open in the west end of the hospital.  The clinic is available for minor illnesses and injuries.

  • The former UnityPoint building on Story Street officially becomes Boone County Family Medicine (BCFM) North and is operated by Boone County Hospital.

  • The After Hours Clinic relocated to BCFM North and was renamed to BCFM North Walk-in Clinic.


  • Due to a large patient base in Ogden, Boone County Hospital Rehabilitation Services opened a new clinic in Ogden to better serve the Ogden and surrounding communities.  The clinic is across the street from Boone County Family Medicine.

  • Each spring, the Boone County Hospital Foundation and Auxiliary give out multiple scholarships to individuals pursuing healthcare and business-related degrees.

  • The Wound and Hyperbaric Center received the Robert A. Warriner III Center of Excellence Award.  The award is given to Wound Care Centers in the Healogics Network that have met the highest level of quality standards for a minimum of two consecutive years.

  • Boone County Hospital was named one of the Top 100 Rural and Community Hospitals in the United States by iVantage Health Analytics and The Chartis Center for Rural Health.  The hospitals that are named to this list are top performers in managing risk, achieving higher quality, securing better outcomes, increasing patient satisfaction and operating at a lower cost than their peers, according to the report.

  • Boone County Hospital purchased a new 3D Mammography™ machine.  Utilizing advanced breast technology, 3D exams are clinically proven to significantly increase the detection of breast cancers, while simultaneously decreasing the number of women asked to return for additional testing.


  • The Wound and Hyperbaric Center was once again awarded the Robert A. Warriner III, Center of Excellence Award.  The Center achieved patient satisfaction rates higher than 92 percent and a healing rate of at least 91 percent in less than 30 median days to heal, for a minimum of two consecutive years.

  • The Specialty Clinics Outpatient Infusion Center relocated to the 2nd floor of the hospital in the former Special Care Unit, allowing for much needed space for infusion therapy.

  • The BCH Foundation secured money from fundraising, the Good Trust, private gifts, the Fenton Trust, the Boone County Endowment and the BCH Auxiliary to assist with the remodeling of the patient rooms on the Med/Surg floor, as well as new flooring in the hallways.


  • Boone County Hospital and Dr. Craig Mahoney began offering robotics-assisted total and partial knee surgery using the NAVIO® Surgical System.  To perform the procedure, a handheld robotics-assisted tool is used to position NAVIO-specific cutting guides exactly as intended, based on the patient-specific data previously collected.  This extra layer of precision and accuracy is designed to enable optimal implant placement for better patient outcomes.           

  • The Boone County Hospital (BCH) Wound and Hyperbaric Center (W&HC) began partnering with RestorixHealth, a leader in comprehensive wound management programs, for their wound care services.  In addition, the Program Director began sharing time between BCH and the Mary Greeley Medical Center Wound Center in Ames.

  • Rehab Services celebrated their 35 years of service in the Boone community.  They are continually adding services to better meet the needs of their patients.  What once started as occupational, physical and speech therapy has grown into much more. 

  • Boone County Hospital created the Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC).  Bringing a new perspective from patients and families directly into the planning, delivery, and evaluation of care is a critical part of improving safety and quality.  The PFAC provides insight on what the Hospital does well and highlights where changes may be needed.  The group helps develop priorities and make improvements based on patient and family identified needs rather than our own professional assumptions.   


  • The Foundation paid for a remodel in the Medical/Surgical Unit which included new flooring in the hallways, patient beds, bedside tables, over bed tables, recliners, and window treatments.

  • The beginning of the COVID pandemic hit Boone County.  A weekly Incident Command Team was put in place at the hospital, COVID Q&A for employees was added to the internal P Drive, and a COVID Nurse Line was added for the public so they could call in with questions and concerns.

  • A small COVID Cabana building was set-up behind the Walk-In Clinic.  Patients who had respiratory symptoms were able to call ahead, pull their car up to the Cabana, and get tested for COVID.

  • Demolition of the Pharmacy remodel project began in September; completion was early 2021.  The remodel was to allow for appropriate handling and storage of hazardous medications as well as the sterile and non-sterile compounding of these and all medications.

  • Record numbers of patients were seen for COVID symptoms.  The building next to Boone County Family Medicine North was rented in the fall of 2020 and was turned into a Respiratory Clinic for COVID patients; the COVID Cabana was given back to the city. 

  • COVID vaccines were finally available to direct line healthcare workers.  The first doses were given mid-to-late December.


  • COVID vaccines for the public began in January 2021.

  • The new Boone County Hospital mobile unit was parked outside the Ogden Clinic.  The staff utilized it it to see respiratory patients in the afternoon, so patients no longer had to be seen in their cars.   

  • The Respiratory Clinic moved back to Boone County Family Medicine and the Walk-In Clinic.

  • The Boone County Hospital Wound and Hyperbaric Center earned the 2020 “Going the Distance” Award, issued by RestorixHealth, an organization that specializes in the development and management of comprehensive wound healing and Amputation Prevention Center® facilities.  Healthcare professionals were tasked with maintaining quality through patient outcomes despite a daunting global pandemic.   

  • Boone County Public Health played a key role in the COVID pandemic from spring 2020 through 2021.  From contact tracing, communicating, and educating the public, schools, businesses, and colleges, to the many long hours, they went above and beyond.  The staff was investigating individuals that had COVID and were contact tracing to find out who they had been in touch with and how long ago.  It was an exhausting time.

  • In May, the Family Birth Center (FBC) started offering nitrous oxide which is a safe blend of 50% nitrous and 50% oxygen and is a great way to participate in labor management.  The use of nitrous oxide takes effect in seconds and offers immediate relief of pain and anxiety without long-lasting effects.   

  • Boone County Hospital is excited to announce it was officially recognized as a Cribs for Kids® National Bronze Certified Safe Sleep Hospital. The Cribs for Kids® National Safe Sleep Hospital Certification program awards recognition to hospitals that demonstrate a commitment to reducing infant, sleep-related deaths by promoting and educating on best safe sleep practices.  Boone County Hospital is proud to hold this title!


  • In early 2022, The Boone County Hospital Wound and Hyperbaric Center received the RestorixHealth’s Excellence in Patient Satisfaction Award.  This award is presented to Wound Centers that demonstrate exceptional success by meeting or exceeding a national patient satisfaction benchmark of 96% and the staff’s ongoing commitment to providing exceptional patient care to those they serve.

  • Remodeling of the main floor of the Hospital began in February for the lobby, hallways, Surgery Waiting, ER Waiting and the Cafeteria.  Fresh paint, carpet, new flooring, furniture, signage, wall art, and benches, tables and chairs were added.  The remodel was complete in the fall of 2022.   

  • In the spring and fall of each year, the Boone County Hospital (BCH) Auxiliary hold their Annual Auxiliary Recognition Banquet.  In the fall, milestone hours are recognized.  The continued support of our volunteers has made it possible for the hospital to purchase costly equipment for various departments in the hospital.  Every year, the Auxiliary has given to BCH: $10,000 to department requests, 2 - $1,000 scholarships, books for new born babies, and care packages for new Moms, as well as other much needed items.

  • In June, Radiology received two new ultrasound machines.  They are the latest in GE technology and give the staff quality images.  The new machines improve imaging for patients from head to toe, no matter their age or body type,  With the ultrasounds, clinicians can acquire incredibly detailed images faster than ever before.   

  • Long time CEO of Boone County Hospital, Joe Smith, retired after 30 years of serving the Hospital.


  • In January, Mikaela Kienitz began her leadership as CEO of Boone County Hospital after Joe Smith’s retirement.

  • Boone County Hospital (BCH) began a new partnership with Van Diest Medical Center in Webster City in January.  Patients who need obstetrical care at Van Diest Family Health Clinic (VDFHC) can receive their prenatal care there and deliver with one of the BCH OB doctors at the BCH Family Birth Center.  Van Diest Medical Center does not have a birthing center, and therefore, cannot offer prenatal services to expectant mothers in the clinic.   

  • In February, Karl Vilum began his role as CFO at Boone County Hospital.  He replaced Joe Devin who retired.

  • In March, Boone County Hospital opened a new department called Senior Life Solutions.  The Program is an outpatient group therapy program designed to meet the unique needs of individuals, typically 65 and older, experiencing depression or anxiety related to life changes often associated with aging.

  • In the Spring, the Wound and Hyperbaric Center received the honor as a dual recipient of RestorixHealth’s Clinical Distinction and Patient Satisfaction Awards.  Recipients of these awards meet or exceed national quality benchmarks over a set period.  RestorixHealth’s Clinical Distinction award recognizes those centers that have demonstrated success by meeting or exceeding patient safety goals along with an above 90% healing rate; while the Patient Satisfaction award recognizes those centers that have met or achieved a patient satisfaction score of 96% or higher.

  • A newly formed BCH Community Committee held a summer Food for Kids Food Drive for children ages K-12th grade in Boone County from June through mid-August.  The Drive was a huge success and gave out 786 bags of food for children and 26 boxes of food for families in need to all Boone County Elementary Schools.

  • Boone County Hospital (BCH) received a 5-star rating from CMS.  CMS updated its Overall Hospital Quality Star Ratings for 2023, awarding 483 U.S. hospitals with a rating of five stars.  CMS assigns star ratings to U.S. hospitals annually based on 46 hospital quality measures.  These are divided into five quality categories:  safety of care, mortality, patient experience, readmission rates and timely and effective care.   

  • Project Be the Light was started by the Boone County Hospital Foundation.  The mission of this project is to raise funds that help Boone County families experiencing financial challenges due to a cancer diagnosis.  The goal is to raise funds that families can apply for up to $5,000.  These funds will assist with priority needs such as medical bills, mortgage, and utilities payments.  

  • The Boone County Hospital Foundation held their yearly Harvest Festival in November which was transformed into a country western extravaganza with attendees donning their best “Denim & Diamonds” attire.  The Foundation raised over $50,000 for the Endowment Fund.

  • In November, Boone County Hospital received two new ambulances to better serve our patients and the communities we serve.  The new ambulances replaced two of the oldest units.  The BCH ambulances get a lot of use which leads to increased mileage and wear and tear on the units.   

  • The Boone County Hospital Community Committee held a Hat, Mitten and Glove Drive over a one-month period to give to Franklin, Ledges, United Community, Sacred Heart, Trinity, and Ogden and Madrid Schools.  The response was huge!  Warm coats and snow pants were even donated.  Donations came from employees and the community.

  • Boone County Hospital (BCH) was chosen for the Boone County Chamber Distinguished Non-Profit Award.  Involvement from the Hospital the second half of 2023 includes, but not limited to: the BCH 5-Star rating, the Food for Kids Program, the Hat, Mitten, and Glove Drive, an Angel Program at Christmas, Educating and Empowering U, the involvement of the BCH Ambulance staff in various community events, the involvement of employees working in the Free Clinic, parades, speaking engagements to local groups, and the Auxiliary’s Blood Drive for Life Serve.

  • Boone County Hospital advanced to a Silver Level Certification from Bronze Level Certification for the continued and enhanced commitment to best practices on infant safe sleep, as well as educating recommendations by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).   

  • The Boone County Hospital Wound and Hyperbaric Center (W&HC) is a recipient of RestorixHealth’s Patient Satisfaction Award.  Recipients of this award meet or exceed national patient satisfaction benchmarks over a set period.  RestorixHealth launched its Patient Satisfaction recognition award program to recognize those centers that have met or achieved a patient satisfaction score of 96% or higher.

  • Boone County Hospital has always been a member of the Boone Chamber of Commerce.  In November, they joined the Ames Chamber of Commerce.  The Ames Chamber of Commerce has contractual relationships with both the City of Boone and the Boone County Economic Growth Corporation.  They are focused on job creation, capital investment, and raising incomes in Boone County with their efforts related to both of those entities.  Their vision aligns with our vision for growth and community development/involvement.  They provide other advantages to our organization as far as leadership development, partnering with our organization through various engagements to raise our profile and access to workforce and internship programming. 


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