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Volunteer...It's a rewarding experience!

Are you looking for a rewarding experience? If so, volunteering your time at Boone County Hospital may be just for you. Your smile, your touch, your supportive words can make all the difference in the world to a patient or a family member.  

We can match your skills and interests with a volunteer position that meets your needs and ours! Whether it's serving as a hostess, visiting with family members or helping with a special event, you can make a difference!

As a volunteer, enjoy the company of others, support the community hospital, and make an impact on the life of a patient and their family.  The Boone County Hospital Volunteer Auxiliary offers many services throughout the hospital. Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Auxiliary Board

  • Atrium Host

  • Surgery Host

  • Gift Shop

  • Blood Drive

  • Special Projects, Events and Fundraisers

The continued support of our volunteers has made it possible for the hospital to purchase costly equipment for various departments in the hospital, as well as expand Gifts Galore Gift Shop.  Every year, the Auxiliary has given to BCH: $10,000 to department requests, 2 - $1,000 scholarships, books for new born babies, and care packages for new Moms, as well as other much needed items.

If you have questions and would like our Volunteer President to contact you, please call 433-8139 and leave a message.  

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