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Currently, Boone County Public Health has received 700 doses of COVID-19 vaccine.  All of those doses have been distributed for vaccination of the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) Category 1a(i-iii) individuals.  At this time, we have not been given permission from the State of Iowa to proceed with vaccinations of individuals outside Category 1a. 

Level 1b has not currently been approved by the state.  We expect approval in early February.  

Boone County Public Health will be holding vaccination clinics each week depending on the availability of the vaccine that we receive from the state of Iowa.

Clinic times, locations and the number of available time slots will be announced each week on the Boone County Hospital website.  You will have the opportunity to schedule an appointment on a first come, first serve basis.  You will have to call during the time designated to schedule an appointment and scheduling will stop after all time slots are filled. 

Unfortunately, we anticipate that demand for these vaccinations will be much higher than the availability of the vaccine.  Therefore, you may need to try several times to be scheduled into an upcoming clinic.  We apologize for this inconvenience and ask that you be patient and keep trying.

If you have specific medical questions regarding the vaccine or COVID-19, please call the Boone County Hospital COVID Nurse Line at (515) 433-8989.

Please continue to view this site for information regarding the current eligibility classification and for more information regarding the scheduling of vaccination clinics.

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