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Patient Guide

Discharge Instructions

Your physician will determine the day of your discharge. Your nurse will review your discharge instructions with you before you leave. If you have any questions or concerns, please ask your nurse before you leave the hospital. By signing the discharge form, you are verifying that you understand your instructions. Please check your personal belongings before you leave to be sure no items are left in the hospital.

Discharge Planning

Each inpatient has a discharge planner who is a nurse. Your discharge planner will visit with you on the day you are admitted or shortly thereafter. When going home, some patients will need special services. The discharge planner will help you in your choice of services for follow­up care and can arrange for such things as home care services, nursing visits, home care aides, Meals on Wheels, Lifeline, physical, speech and occupational therapy, home medical equipment, adult day care and nursing home placement.

Emergency Drills

Drills for emergency situations, such as a fire, are routinely conducted. Do not be alarmed, but follow the instructions of hospital personnel. These drills are conducted to ensure patient safety in case of an actual emergency situation.

Identification Wrist Bands

A wrist band is used for patient identification purposes during your stay. For your safety, the wrist band must stay on your wrist until you leave the hospital.


Newspapers are provided for patient and visitor use. To see one of the newspapers, just ask your nurse or a hospital volunteer.

Nurse Call System

You can contact the nursing station by pressing the “nurse call” button by your bedside. Your nurse and C.N.A. assigned to your care also carry a phone. The phone number will be written on the dry erase board in your room, so you may contact them directly.

Nutritional Services/Meals

Food plays an important role in your recovery. The Nutritional Services Department strives to provide meals that meet your nutritional needs. When your diet permits, you will be given the opportunity to select your food from a patient menu. Sometimes your diet may be modified so please check with a nurse before eating extras such as candy, fruits or snacks. If you would like additional information about your diet, please talk with your nurse or call Nutritional Services at extension 8138. Handouts and/or diet instructions are available from the nurse or dietitian when requested.

Visitors are invited to use the Cafeteria or vending area on the first floor (near Patient Registration). The Cafeteria is open from 8 a.m. to
6:30 p.m. Hot food and salad bar are available from 11:45 to 1 p.m. and 5:30 to 6:15 p.m. The vending area is open 24 hours a day. Visitors can also pay for a guest tray to be delivered to the room by ordering at least two hours before the meal is to be served.

Patient Confidentiality

Information needed for your hospital record is confidential, and without your permission, cannot be seen by anyone except your physician and authorized hospital personnel.

Personal Belongings

Medication: If you bring medication to the hospital, be sure it is given to the nurse at the time of your admission. Personal medication can only be given to you if doctor ordered. Your medication will be returned to you when you are discharged.

Clothing: We suggest you bring a few personal items with you to the hospital such as a bathrobe, slippers and pajamas. Some toiletry items are provided by the hospital in a personal care kit.

Valuables: Please do not keep money, jewelry or other valuables in your room. If you do have valuables, we will be glad to place them in the hospital security vault for safekeeping; but we encourage you to send them home with a family member. We cannot be responsible for the loss of any items not kept in the hospital safe.

Flowers and Mail: A hospital volunteer will deliver your mail and flowers daily.


Boone County Hospital is a tobacco free environment. We request that patients, visitors and staff refrain from smoking or chewing tobacco products on the hospital campus.


A telephone is in all patient rooms. For local calls, dial “9” plus the number you are calling. For long distance calls, dial “9” then “0”, plus the number you are calling. Long distance calls may not be charged to the hospital. You must use a calling card, a major credit card, call collect or bill your call to your home phone.
The main number for Boone County Hospital is (515) 432­3140. Family and friends may call your room directly by dialing (515) 433­8_ _ _ followed by your room number.

Public telephones can be found in the Atrium, the lobby of the family waiting rooms and the lobby of the Emergency Department. Cell phones may be used in the hospital by patients and visitors. When using a cell phone, visitors need to be respectful of the noise level so other patients are not disturbed.


Television and radio services are available in your room. Your nurse can help you with operating instructions, if needed. Please keep the volume at a moderate level. AVCR,games and movies can also be brought to your room at your request.

Tipping or Gifts to Personnel

We ask that you consider our hospital service as professional, and do not offer tips or gifts to personnel. Hospital rules forbid acceptance of these items.

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