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Changes to the Patient Portal

October 4, 2021

Patients can now pre-register for appointments on the Health Portal.  The patient will receive an email two days prior to their scheduled appointment to pre-register.  The patient can click on the link emailed to them and it will take them to the pre-registration page.  While in there, the patient can update demographics, employer, emergency contacts, medication, allergies, and will also see an image of the individuals photo ID and/or insurance card if they are on file.  The patient is able to scan a new image if the correct information is not on file.

If the patient has not signed up for the Patient Portal and is interested, Boone County Hospital will need the patient's social security number or the last four digits, and an email address in order to register.  If the patient does not want to give out their social security number, they will need their medical record number from the hospital. 

For information on the Health Portal, CLICK HERE!

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