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In 2018, the Boone County Hospital Foundation raised funds to purchase an echocardiogram machine for Technical Services at Boone County Hospital (BCH). This department provides various services, including EKG's, stress tests, pulmonary function tests, and echocardiograms.  

"A Transthoracic echocardiogram is the standard ultrasound of the heart used to evaluate the muscles and valves of the heart.  It is painless and similar to an X-ray, but without the radiation.  The procedure uses the same technology used to evaluate a baby's health before birth. A hand-held device called a transducer is placed on the chest and transmits high-frequency sound waves (ultrasound). These sound waves bounce off the heart structures, producing images and sounds that the doctor can detect heart damage and disease. Your doctor may perform an echocardiogram to: 

  • Assess the overall function of your heart

  • Determine the presence of many types of heart disease

  • Follow the progress of heart valve disease over time

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of medical or surgical treatments."

(Information provided by key words heart disease and echocardiogram)

The types of patients who will receive an echocardiogram can include:

  • Patients with a history of heart disease or issues related to a previous condition. 

  • To rule out a heart issue related to other symptoms the patient is experiencing.

  • All patients who are to receive chemotherapy will receive a baseline echocardiogram to evaluate the strength of the heart before, during, and after treatment. 

There are approximately 375 patients each year who receive an echocardiogram at BCH.  That translates into about two echocardiograms per work day. 

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