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🎙️ Introducing: Healthy Talk Podcast

Welcome to the "Healthy Talk" podcast, brought to you by Boone County Hospital. Explore our library of informative and engaging episodes featuring healthcare experts, physicians, and specialists who share valuable insights on a wide range of health topics. Whether you're looking for tips on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, staying informed about the latest medical advancements, or seeking expert advice on specific health concerns, our podcast has something for everyone.

Episode List/Description

1. Nurturing Beginnings: A Conversation with a Lactation & Breastfeeding Consultant

  • Dive into the world of lactation and breastfeeding with BCH lactation & breastfeeding consultant Jamie Clayton. Jamie brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, and compassion to the table. As a lactation consultant, she has helped countless families navigate the challenges and joys of breastfeeding. From addressing common concerns to debunking myths, Jamie sheds light on the science, emotional aspects, and practical strategies for successful breastfeeding.

2. From Birth to Beyond: A Look at Family Practice vs OB/GYN

  • Unravel the complexities of healthcare choices. Dr. Lindsey Hay brings her wealth of knowledge and expertise to the conversation, shedding light on the critical roles she plays as a Family Practice Physician in women's health and primary care. Explore the distinctive roles of Family Practice and OB/GYN physicians in women's healthcare, from prenatal care to well-woman exams and beyond.

3. Senior Life Solutions Unveiled: Nurturing Mental Health in the Elderly

  • Discover invaluable insights into promoting mental wellness among our seniors and uncover the compassionate work being done to enhance the lives of our elderly community. Heidi Kennedy, Program Director of Senior Life Solutions at Boone County Hospital, takes us on a journey through the comprehensive programs offered by Senior Life Solutions. Discover practical tips, heartwarming stories, and valuable insights that underscore the significance of nurturing mental health in our aging population. 

4. Leading with Care: A Year in Review with Boone County Hospital's CEO

  • Explore the strategic decisions, innovative approaches, and compassionate leadership that have propelled Boone County Hospital to new heights in healthcare excellence. Mikaela Kientiz, CEO of Boone County Hospital, shares her perspectives on fostering a culture of care, resilience, and adaptability within the hospital community. 

5. From Images to Insights: Inside the Radiology Department

  • Amy Bachman, Radiology Supervisor, guides us through the cutting-edge technologies employed in medical imaging at Boone County Hospital, from ultrasound machines to MRI scanners. Discover how these tools contribute to precise diagnostics and optimal patient care, underlining the hospital's commitment to staying at the forefront of healthcare innovation.

6. The Air We Share: Understanding Respiratory Diseases and Vaccine Protection

  • Delve into the crucial subject of vaccines. Molly Klatt, RN, BSN, demystifies how vaccines work, particularly in preventing respiratory diseases, and addresses common misconceptions and fears surrounding them. She emphasizes the importance of vaccines in building herd immunity and protecting vulnerable populations.

7. Healing Hearts: The Role of Rehab in Cardiac Care

  • From the importance of personalized care plans to the integration of exercise, dietary guidance, and emotional support, Kendle Demery, RN, BSN, demystifies the rehab process and explains how these components work together to not only heal the heart but also transform lives. Discover the latest advancements in cardiac rehab, including innovative technologies and therapeutic practices that are making a difference in patient outcomes.

8. Under the Mask: Navigating the Nuances of Anesthesia

  • Anesthesia plays a crucial role in modern medicine, enabling pain-free surgeries and procedures, yet many of us know little about what it truly involves. Genev Calek, CRNA, brings years of experience and expertise, demystifying anesthesia's various forms, from local to general, and the cutting-edge techniques used in patient care.

9. A Step Ahead: The Essential Guide to Healthy Feet

  • Dr. Erickson, Doctor of Podiatric Medicine and Foot & Ankle Surgeon at Boone County Hospital, shares his wealth of knowledge and expertise from common foot ailments to preventive measures, offering practical tips for keeping your feet in top condition. Whether you're an athlete striving for peak performance, someone dealing with foot pain, or simply looking to enhance your overall well-being, this episode has something for everyone.

10. From Wound to Wellness: Transformative Treatment

  • Kathy Chapple, program director of the Wound & Hyperbaric Center at Boone County Hospital, sheds light on cutting-edge approaches to wound care and the comprehensive services offered at the Wound & Hyperbaric Center. From advanced dressings to hyperbaric oxygen therapy, discover how these interventions revolutionize the healing process and restore hope for patients facing chronic wounds.

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