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Endoscopy Suite Renovation

In 2021, the Boone County Hospital Foundation raised funds to help purchase new endoscopy equipment for the Same Day Surgery at Boone County Hospital (BCH). Each year, BCH conducts about 500 “scopes,” including colonoscopies and upper esophagogastroduodenoscopies (EGD). This number is growing. Both procedures are preventative but can also be important in diagnosis if there are symptoms present. The proposal for new equipment is to make this process more efficient and safer to accommodate the growing number of patients. 

The new equipment purchased includes a new reprocessor for the scopes, a new scope drying tower, and some construction/renovation costs to accommodate the latest equipment.

The new equipment supports an efficient workflow that helps reduce human error, reduces the risk of recontamination, and ensures safe, patient-ready endoscopes for every procedure. The automated cabinets extend storage time which will decrease unnecessary reprocessing and related costs.

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