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Additional Services


Boone County Hospital established a Foundation for charitable contributions in 1991. The BCH Foundation is under the direction of an independent Board of Directors. Contributions are used for the capital needs of the hospital and other special circumstances. The Foundation accepts contributions from individuals, organizations or businesses. Donations are also accepted from memorials and wills. If you would like more information, or are interested in helping BCH maintain its state­ of ­the ­art technology, please contact the Foundation’s Director at (515) 433­-8470.

Home Care Services

Home Care Services offers a variety of in­home services so when a patient is discharged they can still receive medical care and treatment while living independently. Nurses, home health aides, occupational, physical and speech therapists provide medication assistance, IV therapy, wound care, rehabilitation, housekeeping and many other healthcare needs. Meals on Wheels, Lifeline, Beckwith Family Adult Day Services and Public Health services may also be obtained by calling Home Care Services at (515) 432-1127.


Lifeline is a personal emergency response system that is part of a hospital ­based system which links you to 24 hour assistance at the push of a button. It offers patients the security of staying in their home and living on their own knowing that with a push of a button, they can get help right away 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you are interested, ask your nurse for more information or contact Home Care Services of Boone County Hospital at (515) 432­-1127.

Meals on Wheels and Congregate Meals

Boone County provides meals to individuals 60­plus and older throughout the county. Meals are also available for younger individuals at the regular rate. For more information about the meal programs sponsored by Home Care Services, call (515) 432­1127.

MET and Family MET

Boone County Hospital has a Medical Emergency Team (MET), a group of clinical professionals with critical skills. The team includes the patient’s physician, nurse, Emergency Room nurse, an intensive care nurse, a respiratory therapist, the house supervisor and paramedics. Called upon by the patient’s nurse, the MET acts as consultants to assist the patient’s nurse with assessing and determining the best plan of action to improve a patient’s condition or medical status. Family MET is designed to improve the condition of the deteriorating patient, improve communication between patients, their families and the health care team to facilitate appropriate medical interventions, if necessary. The patient and/or family member may call a Family MET for any reason deemed necessary.

Notary Public

To arrange for the services of a Notary Public, your nurse or the Utilization Review Coordinator can help you.

Special Needs

Special assistance is available for the sight or hearing impaired. Contact your nurse for further information.

Spiritual Care

Volunteer Chaplains visit the hospital daily. Your religious preference is listed at the Information Desk to enable the clergy to visit you. If you desire to reach them immediately, you may contact them by phone or ask a nurse to do so for you. A Meditation Room is available for patients and visitors on the main floor of the hospital.

Volunteer Services

The volunteers at Boone County Hospital enjoy serving others and are there to assist patients and visitors. The hospital Volunteer Auxiliary offers: hostess service in the Atrium and in Surgery, flower and mail services, assistance in the Cafeteria and Gift Shop, provide stuffed animals to Surgery and the Ambulance Departments, provide knitted caps to newborns, and more. For more information on how the Auxiliary can help you, contact an Auxiliary member. You will recognize them by their blue smocks and friendly smiles!

Wireless Internet Service

Wireless internet access is available to patients and visitors. Internet access locations are available in the Atrium, OR Waiting Room, Hospice and Family Waiting Room on 2nd floor, in the patient care area on 3rd floor, and in the Activity Room. To gain access, patients and visitors need to register online. Once registered, you will not have to register again, unless you have forgotten your password.

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