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Annual Projects


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Safe Room

A Safe Room is where all the cords and tubing are managed away from the patient where their bed is comfortable but safe, but not able to harm themselves. Supplies for staff are readily available for emergencies but not readily available for patients to get to.  Long-term, we can serve hundreds of patients in this room.

"Mental Health has become a bigger problem for all communities. We see it (in the Emergency Room) daily, sometimes multiple times in a day, from children to the elderly," stated Dr. Tim Evert, ER Physician at BCH.

Learn more about the Safe Room.

Learn more from the Fund A Need video.


Endoscopy Suite Renovation

In 2021, the Boone County Hospital Foundation raised funds to help purchase new endoscopy equipment for Same Day Surgery at Boone County Hospital (BCH). Each year, BCH conducts approximately 500 “scopes,” including colonoscopies and upper esophagogastroduodenoscopies (EGD). This number is growing. Both procedures are preventative but can also be important in diagnosis if there are symptoms present. The proposal for new equipment is to make this process more efficient and safer to accommodate the growing number of patients. 

Learn more about the Endoscopy Suite Renovation.

Learn more from the Fund a Need video.

Radiology Suite Renovation

In 2020, the Boone County Hospital Foundation raised funds to help renovate a Radiology suite to become fully digital at Boone County Hospital (BCH). Each year, BCH conducts at least 6,000 general X-ray exams. These include regularly scheduled appointments, Emergency Room patients, and Specialty Clinic's daily add-ons. Radiology is a baseline for finding more information about what the patient is experiencing and often assists with a diagnosis. 

Learn more about the Radiology Suite renovation.

Learn more from the Fund a Need video.


In 2019, the Boone County Hospital Foundation helped raise funds to purchase a new ambulance for Boone County Hospital.  Over the last 40 years, the Ambulance Department's volume had increase from 1,746 runs per year to 2,828 last year. There has been no increase in the number of the full-time equivalents or ambulances during the life of the ambulance service, yet the volume has nearly doubled. The Ambulance Department is also involved in safety-related classes for the Hospital staff and community, including child seat safety checks, bicycle helmet fittings, CPR training, "Stop the Bleed" courses, and monthly American Heart Association courses.

Learn more from the Fund a Need video.


In 2018, the Boone County Hospital Foundation raised funds to purchase an echocardiogram machine for the Technical Service Department at Boone County Hospital. Tech Services provides various services which include EKG's, stress tests, pulmonary function tests, and echocardiograms.

"A Transthoracic Echocardiogram is the standard ultrasound of the heart used to evaluate the muscles and valves of the heart."

Learn more about the Echocardiogram.

Learn more from the Fund a Need video.

3D Mammography

In 2017, the Boone County Hospital Foundation raised fund for 3D Mammography at Boone County Hospital.

Breast cancer is found and diagnosed through a radiologic scan called mammography.  Most women start receiving annual mammograms at the age 40 to 45 unless there is a family history in which case, they could begin scans much younger.

Learn more about 3D Mammograms.

Learn more from the Fund a Need video.





The Gardens at Boone County Hospital 

Seating area in the garden.The north and south gardens at Boone County Hospital provide a natural setting with artful plantings and flowers, and comfortable nooks scattered throughout the gardens to provide restful areas for patients, visitors, and staff.  To make a monetary donation to the gardens, view our Annual Report.

Hospice Rooms

Hospice room sleeping arrangement.Hospice room seating arrangement.In June 2006, Boone County Hospital opened two new state-of-the-art Hospice Rooms and then in 2016, the rooms were remodeled. The rooms were designed with the patient and family in mind. In addition to specialized patient care, the rooms offer a private family waiting area, a sitting area with a sleeper sofa, light meal storage/preparations area, a dining and game table, a television, and a desk equipped with phone and WiFi internet service. Family members can be as close as possible to their loved ones and yet be comfortable in difficult times.









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