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General Information

Advance Directives for Healthcare

Advance Directives are documents stating your choices about healthcare treatment. They also name someone to make such choices, if you become unable to make decisions. Through Advance Directives such as Living Wills and Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare, you can make legally valid decisions about your future medical treatment.

If you are a patient in the hospital and you want to fill out an Advance Directive, tell your nurse or case manager. They will find someone to talk with you about Advance Directives and answer your questions. The help is free.


As an inpatient, you will receive separate bills from the hospital and your physicians. Your bill from Boone County Hospital is for hospital services, Emergency Room professional fees, and anesthesiology services, if applicable. Your hospital bill includes tests, procedures, supplies and technologists involved in the services you received. The bill is not for other professional services provided by your physician or other physicians who conducted tests and procedures or interpreted results. Professional fees usually come from specialists in the area of cardiology, diagnostic radiology, and pathology. If you require an itemized statement or if you have questions about your bill or about your Medicare charges, please contact an Account Representative.


It is the policy of Boone County Hospital to provide services in compliance with all state and federal laws governing its operations, and consistent with the highest standards of business and professional ethics. If you have any compliance concerns, please call the compliance hotline at 866-477-4661 or log on to: (Access ID: THO).

Education Agency

Boone County Hospital is a cooperating agency for the Des Moines Area Community College Nursing Program, Boone campus. We also provide preceptorships, internships, and job shadowing for a variety of health occupational students. With your permission, one of these students may participate in your care.

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) Notice

Boone County Hospital is required by federal law to keep your medical information confidential. For questions or more information, call the Privacy Officer at (515) 433­-8280.

Hospital Insurance

If you have Medicare, Medicaid or other hospitalization insurance, you should have presented your most recent identification card to Patient Registration. If not, please contact your nurse. If you have been admitted for care that may be covered by Worker’s Compensation Insurance, please inform Patient Registration. Insurance companies may require notification from you, the hospital, or your physician prior to or upon hospital admittance. The Utilization Management Coordinator can assist you with this.

Management of Complaints

If you or your designee have questions, concerns, problems, suggestions, or complaints related to the hospital or a hospital employee, you can discuss your concern(s) with the Quality Director at (515) 433­-8488 or dial “O” on your phone and ask to have the House Supervisor paged. If your satisfaction is not achieved, you or your family should ask to see the C.E.O. who will assist you towards a resolution. If a resolution cannot be achieved, the matter will be taken up at the next regularly scheduled Board of Trustees meeting. Of course, the fact that a complaint has been filed would never impact your future access to care at Boone County Hospital.

Pain Management

At Boone County Hospital we will do everything we can to help you control your pain. As a patient, you have the right to:

  • have your pain relieved,

  • have your pain controlled,

  • have your pain prevented or minimized when undergoing treatments or procedures, and

  • be treated with respect.

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