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Follow-up Phone Call System is Back On

July 24, 2018

Our follow-up phone call system has been turned back on.  

Sometimes patients have questions after receiving care, and that's why we will contact you after you leave one of our clinics.  We want to make sure your experience with us met your expectations.

Within three days of leaving the clinic, you will receive an email or a telephone call that we ask you to answer.  The call will only take about two minutes and is an outreach from our hospital to ensure you are satisfied with the care you received while at the clinic.  If you receive an email, on average it will take you less than two minutes to complete and is compatible with mobile and hand-held devices.

If you have new questions or concerns once home, we're here to listen, and we want to know how you are doing after you leave one of our clinics.  Addressing any needs or questions once you arrive home is important to us as a part of your partnering with us for your care.

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