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Lila Carpenter Scholarship

June 2, 2015

Congratulations to Stephanie Davis, a 2nd year nursing student at Des Moines Area Community College, for receiving the $1,000 Lila Carpenter Scholarship.  Pictured with Stephanie are Jan Putnam and Peg King who are members of the Lila Carpenter Scholarship Committee.  

This Boone County Hospital Foundation Scholarship was established in memory of Lila Carpenter, who was an employee of Boone County Hospital for 31 years. Lila overcame many adversities during her lifetime, and after encouragement from a physician, she returned to school and became a Registered Nurse. Lila approached all of her patients in a very professional and caring manner. She had a positive attitude and the ability to make her patients feel like getting better.  Lila understood the immense power of a positive attitude and the ability to genuinely care for, and about, another person.  Lila enjoyed life and never gave up.  She challenged all obstacles in her path and never lost her faith in God, her family, and her friends.


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