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New Trees Donated to BCFM South

November 3, 2022

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Iowa businesses and residents lost hundreds of trees due to two derecho-level storms sweeping across the state in two years. Boone County Family Medicine Clinic South sits in an open space where the wind took down many trees. The physicians banded together and wanted to replace the trees. Dr. Logan and Dr. Dunker led the effort. Five trees were replaced and purchased from Salama Greenhouse – a sycamore, two Princeton elms, and two red maples. The funds for the project were donated to the Boone County Hospital Foundation.

“They are excellent trees, the best quality I have seen,” noted Dr. Logan. Tony and Genev Calek, CRNA at Boone County Hospital, planted the trees. They donated their time on a Sunday to utilize Tony’s construction equipment to plant them. In addition to Dr. Logan and Dr. Dunker’s financial support, others contributed to the project including Dr. Anderson, Dr. Thiel, Dr. Peterson, and Janeen Busch.

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