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Our Certified Nurses

April 30, 2024

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Did you know Boone County Hospital has many nurses who have specialties, subspecialties and advanced practice certifications? Please congratulate these individuals on their advanced degrees.

The following nurses are certified in the following: Dena Sytsma—Inpatient OB, Electronic Fetal Monitoring, Lactation Counselor; Jamie Fox-Clayton—Inpatient OB, Electronic Fetal Monitoring, International Board Lactation Consultant; Kaci Mahannah, Emily Terlouw—Inpatient OB, Electronic Fetal Monitoring; Mindy Green, Christine Vanderleest—Inpatient OB; Heather Cook, Heather Addy—Registered Nurse Infusion; Kacie Garver, Bri Wessels—Emergency Nurse; Mindy Royster—Emergency Nurse, Pediatric Emergency Nurse, Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner, Adult; Laura Elsberry, Laura Krieger, Lindsey Wingfield, Jessica Harrison, Elle Higginbotham—Nurse Operating Room; Carla Chow, Josh Dodd—Emergency Nurses; Stephanie Gorsuch—Emergency Nurse, Trauma Registered Nurse; Deb Pestotnik—Gerontology Nurse; Tara Loecker—Wound Care Nurse; Angi Ellsworth—Professional in Patient Safety

Pictured: Kaci Garver, Jess Harrison, Tara Loecker, Heather Cook, Laura Krieger, Angi Ellsworth, Josh Dodd

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