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Safer Room Opens for Patients

February 27, 2024

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The Boone County Hospital’s new Safer Room, located on the Med/Surg Unit, is now fully operational and equipped to accommodate patients in mental health crises.      

This renovated room is designed to cater to patients facing medical and mental health emergencies.  It offers a secure environment with specialized doors and secure medication storage, ensuring the safety of both patients and staff.      

Lisa Paige, Inpatient/Outpatient Director, expressed her enthusiasm for the new facility.  She says, “Having the Safer Room available for patients in a mental health crisis that are also needing medical care is an invaluable asset.  It helps us maintain the safety of both patients and staff while delivering essential medical services.”      

The Boone County Hospital Foundation extends its gratitude to the various donors who made this project possible.  Generous support from organizations such as the L. Good Trust, the Beckwith Charitable Foundation, Boone County Endowment, ICE Technologies (now known as Anatomy IT), and Pratt Fenton Trust were crucial in funding this initiative.     

Sara Klute Behn, BCH Foundation, says, “The successful acquisition of funds for this revamped facility underscores our commitment to serving individuals experiencing medical and mental health crises.  This redesigned space prioritizes safety, featuring specialized doors and secure medication storage.  We are deeply thankful to Grabau Construction, Invision Architecture, and our own Engineering staff, for their expertise in bringing this project to fruition."

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