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Thank You to the BCH Volunteers

October 28, 2021

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First and foremost, thank you for supporting Gifts Galore by stopping in and buying things ‘you can’t live without’,  gifts for others including babies, books, cards, food items and lotions.  We still have some beautiful fall items, and if Christmas isn’t out by the time this newsletter is out, it soon will be.  Shipping has been an issue for all retailers including us.  I am sorry to say once again we will not have Trees and Treasures due to the Delta variant.  We appreciate those of you who supported our geranium and mum sales.     

As you know, everything we earn in the Gift Shop goes back to the Hospital.  Our goal is to support Boone County Hospital as much as we can.   Following are the ways we have given back:

  • $2,000 Employee Assistance Program

  • $10,000 Department Requests

  • $2,000 Scholarships

  • $100 Trail Mix for BCHF Trestle Hustle

  • $600 Family Birth Center New Mom Personal Bags

  • And, $600 for Valets each month until COVID hit

I extend a huge thank you to our 52 volunteers in the Auxiliary that give of themselves to oversee the Information Desk, Surgery Waiting Room, Gift Shop, Cafeteria, helping with the outside maintenance of the flowers and weeding, and to Carol Keithley who oversees the Blood Drive every other month!  We also had two volunteers that helped at the South Clinic checking people at the door during the COVID crisis.     

Thank you to the Auxiliary officers for their extra time:  Teri Knight, Rhonda Getschman, Gayle Rinehart, Dorothy Huffman, Carol Keithley, Connie Booth, Jan Putnam and Glenda Campbell.  A special thank you to Lisa Schmidt for all she does to publicize and help with the Gift Shop, and Katrina for the help she has given us with our cash register and the new coding of items which Rhonda  now does.   

Unfortunately, due to COVID, the volunteers were not able to hold their Annual Recognition Dinner in October.  Following are the volunteers that earned recognition pins.

500 hours:  Beth Carlon, Marcia Hurst, Gayle Rinehart, Sandi Smith; 1,000 hours:  Connie Booth, Ardy Proehl; 1,500 hours:  Cathy Wetzeler; 2,000 hours:  Rhonda Getschman; 2,500 hours:  Teri Knight, Jan Putnam; 5,000 hours:  Carol Keithley; 21,500 hours:  Dorothy Huffman  

Dorothy Huffman is a staple in the Auxiliary earning 21,500 hours of volunteerism.  We commend her for all the time she gives to BCH and truly everyone for their time.      

Thank you again for supporting us!  What you give to us, we give back! —Cathy Wetzeler, Auxiliary President

Pictured:  Cathy Wetzeler pins Dorothy Huffman’s year’s of service pin on her Proceed to page 4 to see Auxiliary hours

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