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Heather Cook, RN, CRNI, Director
(515) 433-8300

Boone County Hospital's outstanding relationship with active and consulting medical staff provides our community with quality, specialty care without traveling outside Boone County.  

Our Specialty Clinic is a convenient place for patients to receive special services that may not otherwise be offered locally. In cooperation with other area medical centers and physicians, Boone County Hospital offers regularly-scheduled outpatient clinics for a variety of specialty services and with specialty physicians, all of whom travel to Boone to see patients.

The Specialty Clinic offers infusions such as outpatient IV antibiotics, osteoporosis treatment medication, chemotherapy, therapeutic phlebotomy, iron infusions, B12, Procrit/Aranesp medication, as well as other medication administration. Please call the Specialty Clinic regarding treatment options and if there are other treatments you are wondering if the clinic offers.  The Specialty Clinic's Infusion Center will be moving to a new location on 2nd floor in early 2018 to allow for more space for the growing specialty.  

To find out more about the physicians and services available through the Specialty Clinic, click on Physicians and Physicians by Specialty on the Boone County Hospital home page.  If you need a specialist, call the Specialty Clinic at (515) 433-8300.  The Specialty Clinic is constantly recruiting specialists so our community members can save time and money by receiving quality care in Boone County Hospital. 


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