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FBC Receives MamaNatalie

The Family Birth Center (FBC) received the MamaNatalie birthing simulator in September from the Iowa Department of Public Health, in collaboration with the University of Iowa Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Every Level I hospital in the State of Iowa received one. The funds used to purchase MamaNatalie were supported...
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Thank You to the BCH Volunteers

First and foremost, thank you for supporting Gifts Galore by stopping in and buying things ‘you can’t live without’, gifts for others including babies, books, cards, food items and lotions. We still have some beautiful fall items, and if Christmas isn’t out by the time this newsletter is out, it...
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Hands Only CPR

It’s a crisp autumn morning as you venture out the front door to walk the dog. You are just getting started down the street, past the neighbor’s houses as you begin your morning routine. You wave hello to the guy on the corner who was nice enough to let you...
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Changes to the Patient Portal

Patients can now pre-register for appointments on the Health Portal. The patient will receive an email two days prior to their scheduled appointment to pre-register. The patient can click on the link emailed to them and it will take them to the pre-registration page. While in there, the patient can...
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